the SUPerBota®

A “bota bag” is a traditional Spanish container, normally made of leather that has been used to carry beverages of any kind around for thousands of years.  These drinking bags are usually pear shaped with a drinking spout at the tip of the pear, the rounded body holding up to 1 litre of liquid.

Maverick Packaging offers a funky new environmentally friendly bota bag known as the SUPerBota®.  This design protected pouch provides you with exclusive access to market your product accordingly.  The SUPerBota® is ideally suited to various product markets including ready to drink (RTD), wine, water, fruit juice, dairy, and more.  The large surface area (front and back) can be printed in up to six colours maximising shelf appeal.  For customer convenience it has a sling shoulder strap making it easy to carry.

Why SUPerBota®?

It’s strong and shatterproof

It’s lightweight therefore reducing shipping costs

Reduced carbon footprint

Tamper evident flip cap making spiking of drinks almost impossible

Product cools quickly

Extends product shelf life up to 6 weeks after first opening




SUPerBota® is offered:

Printed in designs to suit your requirements

Graphics in up to 6 colours (CMYK + 2)

Metalised and gussets

Offered in 750ml and 1 litre

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