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The innovative range of pouch products manufactured by Maverick Packaging consists of speciality stand-up pouches with a variety of different fitment options, such as SUPerPouch®, SUPerBota®, SUPerBarrel® and more in progress.

Stand Up Pouches from Maverick Packaging

The term Stand up refers to a specialized form of packaging format. Stand up pouches are shelf friendly, and they drive the attraction of the customers because of its systematic appearances as well as their ability to stand firmly while occupying minimum shelf space in the supermarkets. As the name suggests, self-standing pouches can stand on their own because of the gusseted bottom and have a tap attached with the pouch. These self-standing pouches also offer a combination of design and quality to provide professional packaging solutions. Liquid self-standing pouches are another variety in this product range, and they are very effective for the distributor and manufacturers dealing with liquid products. The liquid stand up pouches come fitted with tap and spout and also have gusseted bottom. These pouches are best-suited for product markets that include ready to drink (RTD), water, wine, oil, dairy, fruit juice, and many other products. Let’s have a look at the specialized form of stand up pouches manufactured by Maverick Packaging.

Our intention is to keep adding to our “SUPer Range”.
Product development is critical so we invite you to engage with us and let us develop a bespoke packaging solution that suits your needs.

The SUPer Range compliments a number of different applications, for example: wine, water, juice, RTD’s sauces, oils, detergents, chemicals and more.

The benefits

• Stands upright with large eye catching area

• Strong, aesthetically pleasing shelf appeal

• Easy to use for added customer convenience

• Ecological benefits – lower logistic, storage and handling costs

• Flexible for easy storage in fridge or freezer

• Rapid cooling in fridge

• Strong and impact resistant

our range of products

The self-standing pouch branded as the SUPerPouch® is a double (top and bottom) gusseted pack with bottom fitment that offers a unique differentiation to brand your product whilst extending the shelf life with excellent barrier properties.

This new stand up pouch development from Maverick Packaging is now more than ever relevant. The Maverick SUPerWipes® patent pending pouch allows for easy lightweight transport, dispensing and disposing of wet wipes while keeping your product protected.

This award winning patented self-standing pouch branded as the SUPerBarrel® is a double gusseted (top and bottom) pack with bottom fitment that offers unique differentiation opportunity to brand your product whilst extending the shelf life with excellent barrier properties.

A “bota bag” is a traditional Spanish container, normally made of leather that has been used to carry beverages of any kind around for thousands of years. These drinking bags are usually pear shaped with a drinking spout at the tip of the pear, the rounded body holding up to 1 litre of liquid.

fitment options

Choose from the following fitments from Conro Precision:

Short V-Pull Tap with foil

Colours available:

Other: Please advise us on a colour which is suitable for your brand

V-Pull Standard Tap

Colours available:

Other: Please advise us on a colour which is suitable for your brand

Vertical Twist Tap with foil

Colours available:

Other: Please advise us on a colour which is suitable for your brand

Low Profile Gland

Colours available:

Standard Gland

Colours available:

Wet Wipe Fitment

Feed shape:
Customisable feed shape
Tear drop
Cross wipe

Colours available:


The SUPer Range, in comparison to other packaging mediums like the PET or glass bottle, offers an environmentally friendly alternative that has an estimated 75% reduced carbon footprint.

Our Super Range of products offer an effective mechanism to reduce your environmental footprint by reducing logistic costs, the volume of material sent to the landfill and the mass of the material in the landfill.

Why the SUPer Range works:

Lightweight packaging – SUPerPouch® weighs less than 2.5% of its filled weight

Less resources – SUPerPouch® does not require a secondary box per unit

Less energy – uses less energy, generates less CO² contributes less to the landfill

Saves space – 1.5 lt SUPerPouch® pallet = 5600 pouches or 8400 litre capacity versus 1344 bottles or 1008 litres

The flexible beverage pouch consumes approximately half the amount of energy compared to the closest alternative

The flexible pouch generates in the region of 75% less emissions than the closest alternative

Stand up flexible pouches significantly reduce greenhouse gases released and energy consumed during the transport of unfilled pouches