• We have been involved in the manufacture of both bags and custom/specialized pouches for over 20 years.
  • We offer a unique innovative range of stand up pouch for liquids which include our proprietary SUPerBarrel®, SUPerPouch®, SUPerWipes® and SUPerBota®.
  • From our knowledge and experience in bag & pouch manufacturing, we have designed a new/unique “COMBO” machine – the first of its kind. Our machinery is precisely tooled to manufacture our range and other pouches/bags.
  • We manufacture from our production facility in Cape Town, South Africa and supply both domestically and internationally with our main markets being USA,UK and EU. We look forward to opening up to new opportunities!
  • We innovate and design new products and manufacturing techniques to delivery sustainable packaging solutions.


“Please allow me to personally explain how the company has evolved. I started Maverick Packaging back in 1999. Maverick Packaging initially specialized in the building of Bag-In-Box (BIB) machinery and equipment.

Fast forward to 2002, Maverick Packaging chose to enter in a partnership with the, then renowned, GN Packaging to form a new entity, known as Maverick Machinery. Unfortunately, this relationship did not last very long and Maverick Packaging then became the sole manufacturer of Bag-In-Box machinery in the international market.

Due to some complexities and the growing demand for specialized BIB material internationally, the company then diversified and thus, in the year 2005, Maverick Engineering as well as Maverick Flexible were born.

At this stage, the Maverick group comprised of 3 operations, namely:

  • Maverick Packaging – a company specializing in the manufacture of stand up pouches (SUP), with a range known as the “SUPer Pouch”.
  • Maverick Engineering – a company specializing in the manufacture BIB, as well as stand up pouch machinery and equipment.
  • Maverick Flexible – a company specializing in the production of specialized liquid packaging materials for the BIB and stand up pouch industry.

During this period, Maverick formed a strong and healthy relationship with one of China’s leading companies in pouch machine manufacture, known as Gao Qin Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd.

In the year 2016, the managing directors and co-partners of both Maverick Engineering (Hilton Traviss) and Maverick Flexible (Adrian Jackson) elected to sell out their operations to the LiquiBox Corporation. This has since proved to be a very successful and amicable transition, which left me to focus on the specialized pouch manufacturing operation, being Maverick Packaging.

Maverick Packaging is not your regular SUP manufacturer. We focus on new design, development and innovative concept packaging products and machines.”