Maverick’s SUPerBarrel™ wins silver medal at Afristar Awards

afristar awards silver medalist

Joseph Nyongesta (President of the African Packaging Organisation) hands Janice Mulholland (Maverick Packaging) their certificate at the awards ceremony

We are super proud to announce that we recently won a silver medal award for our SUPerBarrel™ in the beverage category at the Afristar Awards held in September 2016.  The Afristar Awards, run by the African Packaging Organisation, showcase the best in creative design, marketing or technology applied to packaging produced in Africa.

Packaging and Print Media Magazine, Bota to barrel

Bulk wine packs have come a long way since the days of the crude foil bag. Since that packs banning almost 10 years ago, Maverick Packaging has carved a niche for itself in the export market with its family of super-sized pouches that combine strength and integrity with the aesthetics of high-end graphics. The range comprises a handful of different designs in capacities ranging from 750ml to 5-litres. These are self-standing, extend product shelf-life, chill the contents twice as fast as glass and are suitable for outdoor use at festivals and the like. Additionally, it consumes 50% less energy and generates 75% fewer emissions in manufacture.

Clive’s Column

Since 1999, Maverick Engineering has been supplying bag-in-box making equipment into the international market. In 2005, sister company Maverick Flexible was established to provide the local market with blown film and high-barrier laminations to complement most forms of liquid packaging. In 2010, Maverick Engineering introduced speciality pouch making machinery into its range of products and in conjunction with Maverick Packaging now offers innovative pouch products for a multitude of industries. The locally-developed versatile, patented SUPer range lends itself to various fill options – wine, water, juice, sauces, oils and detergents.

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