The SUPerBarrel™

afristar-silver-sealThis award winning patented self-standing pouch branded as the SUPerBarrel ™ is a double gusseted (top and bottom) pack with bottom fitment that offers unique differentiation opportunity to brand your product whilst extending the shelf life with excellent barrier properties.


This patent protected pouch provides you (the customer) exclusive market access to market your product accordingly.  The SUPerBarrel™ is ideally suited to the wine and olive oil markets and others.  The large surface area of the pouch (front and back) can be printed in six colours, maximising shelf appeal.  The material construction can be purpose designed to suit the specific needs of your product.  The SUPerBarrel™ uses the standard BIB handle making it easy to carry.

Why SUPerBarrel?

  • Can run on standard BIB filling lines (minor mods may  be required)
  • It’s strong and shatterproof
  • It’s lightweight therefore reducing shipping costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Tamper evident fitment
  • Product cools quickly
  • Extends product shelf life up to 6 weeks after first opening

SUPerBarrel™ is offered:

  • Printed in designs to suit your requirements
  • Graphics in up to 6 colours (CMYK + 2)
  • Metalised and gussets
  • Offered in 1.5 and 3 litres