The COMBO machine is designed and will be built in a “modular” fashion, as to allow the opportunity to have additional units added at any time.

What does this mean?

As an example, if a pouch manufacturer received an inquiry for zipper pouches and did not have this facility on any of their existing machines, in stead of purchasing a new machine with a zipper sealing unit, it could be ordered individually and integrated in to the existing COMBO machine.

The rationale behind this decision was to provide a purchaser with a machine that can run continuous production and will never remain “static” due to fluctuations in seasonal demand, or whatever factors may influence your sales forecast. This being said, this machine allows the purchaser the opportunity to break into new markets.

Does this affect the machine’s output rate?

The COMBO machine will run SuperPouches and pillow bags at a rate that is equally competitive to any existing machine in the market place.

The products the machine is capable of running are as follows:

  • Stand up pouches with a bottom gusset only
  • Stand up pouches with two gussets (top and bottom)
  • Stand up pouches with zippers
  • Quad bags (side gussets)
  • Pillow bags (bag-in-box)
  • Pouches/bags with printed material
  • Pouches/bags with unprinted material
  • Pouches/bags with PE to the surface of the laminate
  • Pouches/bags with two different laminates (clear front, metalled back)
  • Pouches/bags with an inner liner