The SUPer Range, in comparison to other packaging mediums like the PET or glass bottle, offers an environmentally friendly alternative that has an estimated 75% reduced carbon footprint.


Our Super Range of products offer an effective mechanism to reduce your environmental footprint by reducing logistic costs, the volume of material sent to the landfill and the mass of the material in the landfill.

Why the SUPer Range works:

  • Lightweight packaging – SUPerPouch® weighs less than 2.5% of its filled weight
  • Less resources – SUPerPouch® does not require a secondary box per unit
  • Less energy – uses less energy, generates less CO² contributes less to the landfill
  • Saves space – 1.5 lt SUPerPouch® pallet = 5600 pouches or 8400 litre capacity versus 1344 bottles or 1008 litres
  • The flexible beverage pouch consumes approximately half the amount of energy compared to the closest alternative
  • The flexible pouch generates in the region of 75% less emissions than the closest alternative
  • Stand up flexible pouches significantly reduce greenhouse gases released and energy consumed during the transport of unfilled pouches