The innovative range of pouch products manufactured by Maverick Packaging consists of speciality stand-up pouches with a variety of different fitment options, such as SUPerPouch ®, SUPerBota ™SUPerBarrel™ and more in progress.

Our intention is to keep adding to our “SUPer Range”.
Product development is critical so we invite you to engage with us and let us develop a bespoke packaging solution that suits your needs.
The SUPer Range compliments a number of different applications, for example: wine, water, juice, RTD’s sauces, oils, detergents, chemicals and more.


  • Stands upright with large eye catching area
  • Strong, aesthetically pleasing shelf appeal
  • Easy to use for added customer convenience
  • Ecological benefits – lower logistic, storage and handling costs
  • Flexible for easy storage in fridge or freezer
  • Rapid cooling in fridge
  • Strong and impact resistant
  • Excellent barrier properties extend shelf life


Environmental benefits of flexible packaging:
  • The flexible beverage pouch consumes approximately half the amount of energy compared to the closest alternative.
  • The flexible beverage pouch generates in the region of 75% less emissions than the closest alternative.
  • Flexible beverage pouches significantly reduce greenhouse gases released and energy consumed during the transport of unfilled pouches.

Our roots

The Maverick Group has been around since 1999 and this specialist division is now the focus of Derek Fay, the owner.

He has successfully developed Maverick Engineering with machines successfully producing bags around the world. Derek also developed a materials manufacturing unit, Maverick Flexible.

Maverick Packaging is a conversion operation and finally fulfils his dream, after 30 years in the business, to develop unique and useful packaging, custom designed so it is fit for use.

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